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ART OF TATTOOThe word ’Tattoo’ is usually meant to be a decorative design or mark that is put on the skin. Actually it is an art, which helps you reflect different messages through the symbolic designs or marks made on your body. However this term ’Tattoo’ may have different meanings in the opinion of different people.

On the one hand to some people the word ’Tattoo’ represents the sounds made by the tattooing machine while making tattoos on the skin of those being tattooed. On the other hand to some others the name ’Tattoo’ is derived from the Polynesian word ’Ta’, which means striking something. For still others this term is related to England. In England the word ’Tattoo’ was used to describe the beating of military drums.

As both the words originate from Latin for marking the action of striking or beating, it is believed that over the years they might have got rolled into one and later started being used for the art of tattooing.

Usually the tattoo is placed permanently under the skin but there are temporary tattoos also such as the ’Henna Tattoos’ or the ’Mehendi Tattoos’, which are equally popular among the people.

Moreover, today the tattoo is not only a fashion symbol but also very useful for other purposes like identifying criminals, prisoners, race horses and other animals. In India people use this art of tattooing even for decorating their cattle.


There are various methods and techniques used for removing the tattoos from the body. You can select any one of these techniques for yourself in order to remove any. You are also free to attempt to camouflage an old tattoo with a latest and different one. Some of the techniques are given below.

1. Laser Treatment
The laser treatment can be used to lighten the tattoos more easily and effectively. This technique requires several visits during a period of seven days or even months. This method of treatment might cause some individuals experience hypopigmentation, which represents lightening of the natural skin coloring, in the affected area. The laser treatments can also cause some tattoo pigments to change to a less desirable shade. It is also reported to cause allergic reactions to the individuals who have taken laser treatments to remove the tattoos. It is because the laser caused allergenic substances in the tattoo ink to be released into the body. This treatment is expensive also.

2. Dermabrasion
This technique of tattoo removal involves abrading layers of skin with a wire brush or diamond fraise, which is a type of sanding disc. The main drawback of this method is that it may leave a scar on the skin.

3. Salabrasion
This is the method in which a salt solution is used to remove the pigment of tattoos. This technique is sometimes used in conjunction with dermabrasion. However this method of tattoo removal is not very popular.

4. Scarification
This is the technique in which the tattoo is removed with an acid solution. The acidic solution used in this method creates a scar on the place of tattoo after removing it.

5. Surgical Removal
This method of removing tattoos sometimes involves the techniques of tissue expanders such as balloons inserted under the skin. This is because when the tattoo is cut away, there is less scarring on the skin. The tattoos that are large in size may require repeated surgery for complete removal.

6. Camouflaging
The technique of camouflaging a tattoo entails the injection of new pigments into the skin. This helps either to form a new pattern or to cover a tattoo with skin-toned pigments. However, it is observed that the injected pigments tend not to look natural as they lack the skin’s natural translucence.
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